Born on a farm on the outskirts of Rome, Chef Luciano Canova grew up with his parents and grandparents where food has always been a staple that kept his family together. This passion for food led Luciano to aspire to become a chef because of the roots that were instilled in him by his Italian family life at a very young age.

luciano canova

Luciano graduated from the Culinary Institute of Italy. After graduating, he worked all around the world including Switzerland, Germany, and even on a cruise line.

After a friendship with Joe Lorusso for several years, Luciano partnered with Joe and his son Gerry Lorusso to open Luciano’s in 1991.

At the restaurant you will see Chef Luciano greeting guests and keeping an eye on the atmosphere. His goal was to create a restaurant that will provide a “5” star experience through the atmosphere, cuisine and exceptional service. He did not want his restaurant to be for only special occasions but, rather for any time or day.

With Luciano’s experience of over 24 years as an executive chef, he has been taking every chance to upgrade the culinary experience. Sometimes it’s through his world experiences that allow him to improve upon the restaurant. Through his travels he learned that fresh is best and that is why at his restaurant they only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients such as olive oil and meats imported directly from Italy. The food is always cooked to perfection!

Luciano was nominated to be the best chef in America and has also won the gold and silver spoon award. Even to this day he continues to uphold that reputation. Each day the pasta is made in house to help provide that authentic Italian taste. Also, Luciano’s uses aged beef to provide a distinct flavor for his beef dishes. He also uses cheese from around the world and all of this for an affordable price.

In the restaurant you will find that there are table cloths and an elegant decor to capture that “5” star feel. Also, his servers have many years of experience with a thorough understanding of the menu, the wine list and have great attention to the table. Luciano’s also offers weekend entertainment with no extra charge.

Luciano invites you to join him at Luciano’s in Wrentham, MA where he will greet you at the door with a warm Italian welcome. His goal is always to provide the most satisfying experience possible for each guest.